About me

About me? Oh my, there are so many! I’m a firm believer in creating as many chapters in your book of life as you’d like. Sometimes you even need a whole new book filled with empty chapters waiting to be written. For me, I have had a dozen or so and at least a couple of books. I’m in my early 40’s. Most chapters were not voluntary but I learned from a young age that you don’t have to be a statistic, a victim, or a martyr. Each new book has been chosen by me. You can define your life despite your circumstances.

I am just now leaning into learning who I am without a title attached. I have raised 3.5 biological children successfully ( my youngest and only minor child is almost 16 and I share custody with his father.) I have been a foster parent to many, and a gestational surrogate mother to two.

I have started a few successful businesses and one non profit, and I’ve authored a book. Side note, I don’t claim to be some amazing author! I just have a lot to say. 🙂

I have devoted the majority of my adult life to advocating for abused and neglected children.

I am an adult child of an alcoholic and all that it comes with. I have been married more than once to both men and women.

My wife and I embrace life and try to live it to the fullest.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.