Be Brave! You only die once

Life is short

No really, people say it all the time. It’s not some paradox that needs to be examined. According to a 2015 study published by the WHO, the average age of death for a woman in the USA is 81. I’m not going to say life expectancy because those final days (months, years?) for many people and their families is anything but life.

What being, “brave,” means is unique to each individual. For some it means pushing outside their comfort zone enough to say hello to a stranger on the street. To others, it can be jumping from an airplane and everything in between. What is important in this journey is that you do what you feel makes you brave, not others. If it feels slightly uncomfortable, then you’re doing it right. Bravery isn’t a title given to someone who’s a scuba instructor, a skydiver, or an 8th grade science teacher. For those people, that is every day life. What might make them uncomfortable (and brave) could be trying the new special of the day at their favorite restaurant. It’s stepping outside your comfort zone to experience all that life has to offer. It’s pretty simple, no risk, no reward.

This blog is for my fellow humans who want a little more from life. I hope to share my adventures and inspirations with you so that you too may never look back at the end and have more regrets than life experiences.


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About me? Oh my, there are so many! I’m a firm believer in creating as many chapters in your book of life as you’d like. Sometimes you even need a whole new book filled with empty chapters waiting to be written. For me, I have had a dozen or so and at least a couple of books. I’m in my 40’s. Most chapters were not voluntary but I learned from a young age that you don’t have to let statistics and trauma define your life.

I am just now leaning into learning who I am without a title attached. I have raised 4 biological children to adulthood, a foster parent to many, and a gestational surrogate mother to two.

I have started a few successful businesses and one non profit, and I’ve authored a book. Disclaimer!! I don’t claim to be some amazing author or even a good one, I just have a lot to say. 

I have devoted the majority of my adult life to advocating for abused and neglected children. I LOVE to cook. I am a bit of a thrill seeker who loves to eat my way around the globe.

I am an adult child of an alcoholic and all that comes with it.

My wife and I embrace life and try to live it to the fullest.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

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